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[Originally posted by martinezm]

I would like to define some custom data types for my custom ant tasks. Is
this possible?

If I can, do I have to do anything special, e.g. register them to my ant
project? I am assuming that I have subclass DataType and add additional

Also, what is the difference between a data attribute and a data element?
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Re: Custom Data Types
[Originally posted by erikhatcher]

yes, you can create custom data types. for an example, look at the
ant-contrib project at
sourceforge and its sophisticated datatypes for the <cpp> task. you'll need
to use the <typedef>
task to define custom types.

although its not necessary to make custom datatypes if you only need to use it
within one task.
nested elements can be used and be any class that adheres to Ant's
introspection rules. datatypes
are special in that they can be reused with id/refid attributes automatically.