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[Originally posted by javadog01]

Reading through the "Deployment" chapter I see that the recommended solution
to using passwords in build files is to keep passwords in a properties file
that is kept "private and secure."

What if you have a way (through Java or otherwise) of storing encrypted
passwords in a file (still private!) and a way of decrypting them. Is there
an Ant way of setting a property such as password to the results of that

Which is really a general question. (My guess is the answer is no, but I'm
only in chapter 7.)

In this case For example, instead of password="${password}," you'd have
password="" or some such.

I suppose you could call java/exec on a program, send the results to a file (a
2nd properties file?) on success, then get the password from that, but then
you'd still have an unencrypted password lying around, even if only

Any ideas on if there's an Ant way of working with encrypted passwords?
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Re: using encrypted passwords in Ant tasks
[Originally posted by erikhatcher]

I would recommend in this case that you create a custom Ant task that simply
sets an Ant property
appropriately, perhaps from an existing Ant property that is the encrypted