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[Originally posted by qustion]

H i:

I am from Taiwan.

I bought the book ¡§Java Development with Ant ¡§ several days ago.

And I downloaded the source code of the book from the site

But the chapter 09 source codes of the book does not exists in the source code
zip file (i.e.

Please update the zip file. Thanks a lot. : )

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Re: lose ch 09 source codes?
[Originally posted by ehatcher]


Not all chapters had a separate source code piece. Chapter 9 is one of those.
Because Chapter 9 deals with big project issues, its actually embedded in the
entire sample "app" directory an integrated into its build process.

A cleaner/simpler build to use as an example would be the JavaDevWithAnt
project that I created based on the books source code. See for details.