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[Originally posted by sunil]

Hi, I'm able to run my java program from the command line but i am getting
errors running the same program using the <java> task. I've enabled fork to
true and have set the dir attribute to the directory where i normally run the
java program from. But I get an error at the location in my code where the
program tries to parse an external xml file. This file is in the same
directory as the java program. Do i need to assume a different base directory
location for the files i read from my java program? Thanks

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Re: java task and dir attribute
[Originally posted by steve_l]

The best place to ask q's like this is the ant user mail list

You may be encountering some funnies with how new processes are spawned on
different java versions. Try to debug the program determining the current
directory in the app and printing it out -and see what it says when you run.
It is likely that the working directory of the <java> task is either the
directory of the build file, or the directory where ant started (if