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[Originally posted by jdadamo]

Can a datagrid be configured to display only selected columns from a datatable
datasource? I'd rather not create a second dataset and datatable to hold only
the columns I want to display. From reading the book it sounds like there's
no direct control over the columns displayed in a dataview either so that
doesn't seem to be an option. The book talks about using a "Property Builder"
tool to configure webform datagrids but I couldn't find anything on using the
Property Builder with winform datagrids. Is there a Property Builder for this
or is there some other way to configure which columns are displayed in a

thanks - jeff.
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Re: DataGrid - Displaying Columns
[Originally posted by arlen]

It is possible, but is something of a pain. You can create custom column
styles and add and set them up manually - then you only bind to the columns
you have specified.

A quick and dirty way to do this is to have the column styles automatically
created, then set the width of the columns you want to hide to 0 (you can also
remove them from the collection, but you can get strange behaviors - probably
fixable but I haven't drilled down enough to figure out the details). Here is
a code snippet:

// Define the data table
private DataTable m_dataTable = new DataTable("Test");

private void Form1_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
// Create a DataTable with 3 columns and two rows.
DataRow row1 = m_dataTable.NewRow();
row1["Col1"] = "Value 1";
row1["Col2"] = "Hide me";
row1["Col3"] = "Value 3";
DataRow row2 = m_dataTable.NewRow();
row2["Col1"] = "Value 1B";
row2["Col2"] = "Hide me too";
row2["Col3"] = "Value 3B";

// Set the datasource for the data grid
dataGrid1.DataSource = m_dataTable;

// Create a table style, set its source to match the DataTable, then
// add it to the grid's table styles - order is important here, and
// setting the mapping name is important. By doing this, the column styles
// will automatically be created as defaults pointing to the columns that
// exist (alternatively, you can create each column style manually and add
// for the columns you want - but you must add the column styles _before_
// add the table style to the grid. (That is more flexible, but more work).
DataGridTableStyle dgts = new DataGridTableStyle();
dgts.MappingName = "Test";

// Now just set the column style for the column to hide to 0 width - for
// all intents and purposes hiding it.
dgts.GridColumnStyles["Col1"].Width = 0;

Hope this helps,