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[Originally posted by awiggans]

I finally got MSDE installed and working. From memory, I
wrote down all of my steps that I did and compiled the
information from the various helps from the message
board. This is a basic install that I am using to run
tutorials from a book.

Hope this helps.

1) Download SQL2KDESKSP3.exe from Microsoft

2) Unpack the above into another directory on my C:

3) enter the following on the run line to install:
C:MSDE2000>setup.exe BLANKSAPWD=1

if this does not work, change the C:MSDE2000 to wherever
the files were unpacked. Also, you may have to enter
setup vs. setup.exe

4) reboot the computer

5) Your system adminstrator logon should be sa and your
password should be blank.

6) Next, change the Login Authentication Mode. This
helped eliminate some of the trusted user errors

follow the instructions at:;EN-

7) You should be able to connect to a default instance
of MSDE 2000 on your computer if you open a command prompt window, and on
the command prompt specify:

osql -E

osql will give you a > prompt. You can then enter any
Transact-SQL statement, followed by GO to execute that statement. For

To check that your instance is running SP3, you could execute:

> GO

When you want to exit osql:


For more infomation about osql.exe go to