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[Originally posted by lordbuckley]

The loader for the sample database uses a non-trusted connection. If SQL
Server was installed with Windows Authentication (as opposed to Mixed-mode
Authentication) then the loader fails because in this case a trusted
connection is always required. The loader program should be modified so that
it runs regardless of which authentication option SQL Server was installed
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Re: Trusted connections
[Originally posted by lordbuckley]

To request a trusted connection, you must have "trusted_connection=yes" as
part of the connection string. This tells SQL Server to authenticate using the
Windows domain userid and password. (In this case, any userid or password
specified in the connection string is ignored).

If a trusted connection is not requested, then there are two cases:

CASE 1 -- SQL Server was installed to use Windows Authentication:
The connection fails with an error.

CASE 2 -- SQL Server was installed to use Mixed-mode Authentication:
Authentication is performed using the userid and password from the connection
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Re: Trusted connections
[Originally posted by arlen]

I am a little confused by your messages (or by the order in which the message
reader is placing them) - are you just answering a question, or are you asking
for a version of the database loader that supports a trusted connection?

If that is the case, I can certainly add that option - I didn't bother before
because I figured that most people just installed with the default - which I
believe is mixed mode. . .

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Re: Trusted connections
[Originally posted by arlen]

I went ahead and modified the loader to have an integrated security option. It
will take me a day or two to get a new installer and get it up on the web
site. If you are stuck, though, then I can send you the new files directly. .

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Re: Trusted connections
[Originally posted by nollkoll]

A trusted connection loader would helpfult me. If it's not too much bother. I
don't know about others, but I usually go with the deafult install on product
I'm not familiar with (SQL2K) and I seem to have ended up with Windows
Authentication...and trusted connection only...
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Re: Database loader needs fix
[Originally posted by clintong]

I ran LoadSQLServer.exe with defaults and could not install data to MSDE
ADONETSamples database.

Error creating database: (17)
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: SQL Server does not exist or access denied
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnetction.Open()
at ADONETUtilities.SQLServerCreator.CreateDatabase(String strDatabaseName,
String strUserId, String strPassword)