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[Originally posted by davidfranke]

First just wanted to say that I am enjoying the book. I'm developing some
enterprise applications using IM infrastructure, and I'm finding the text a
good introduction to the domain in general and to Jabber specifically. Nice

Second, some corrections for future printings:

Chapter 1, Section 1.2.1 (page 15), in the XML NAMESPACES AND JABBER box:
in the "loose translations" for XML elements:

'You have a "bread" entity ...' ends with '... Done with "currency."'
Probably want '... Done with "bread."'

'You've got "currency." ...' should add: '... Done with "currency."'

Chapter 1, Section 1.2.3, third paragraph on page 24 starts:
"This situation is not handled by explicitly by email. ..."

That's all for now.
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Re: Errata - a few more
[Originally posted by davidfranke]

Chapter 4, Listing 4.5 (page 127):
In main(), instantiate class SimpleMessageClient instead of class Client.

Chapter 5, paragraph after Listing 5.3 (page 146):
Method name "handlerChatMessage()" should be "handleChatMessage()"

Chapter 5, Listing 5.5 (page 150):
if (group.jid2nick.containsKey(nick)){
should be
if (group.nick2jid.containsKey(nick)){
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Re: Errata - a few more
[Originally posted by iainshigeoka]

Thanks a lot for the kind comments and the corrections. If you have the time,
I'd really appreciate any review you could leave at Reviews there
really help new author's like me.

I also suggest looking at the smack library which is an open source Java
Jabber client library the company i work for is sponsoring. It's a bit easier
to use if you're interested in client-side development (once you understand
what's going on from the book, the book code leaves a lot to be desired for
development). smilie

Thanks again