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[Originally posted by caro]

I am trying to figure out which classes and methods I need on my client. I
have identified The OpenStreamHandler, MessageHandler, TestThread, IQHandler,
PresenceHandler, AuthHandler, and RosterHandler.
In addition to these you mention that the client has some classes simular to
the server. Does this mean that my client also must have Session, Packet,
PacketQueue, JabberInputHandler, and ProcessThread classes?
Does my client need all the classes stored under jabber in the Java source
directory (such as JabberID and Presence)?

Do you know if I can find a client class diagram anywhere?

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Re: Jabber client
[Originally posted by iainshigeoka]


The best documentation of the client classes is the book. The client code was
developed as a server testing library more than for it's use in building a
client of your own. So I didn't take great care in separating out the classes
needed on the client and server. Instead, both share many classes. This helped
in reducing the number of classes to discuss in the book but results in a
pretty sloppy and big client library.

If you're developing a new Java library, please see the Smack library
announcement I just made to the forum. That's the tool you'll want to use.