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[Originally posted by kdeng]

Jdk 1.4.1 contains its own SAX parser, therefore, when you compile the source
of chp3, you may encounter the error of setReaderFactory() method is not

A workaround for this is to modify the build.xml to override its classpath for
compilation. In details, insert the classpath to the javac task.

<!-- First compile the source -->
<javac srcdir="src">
optimize="${c.optimize.on}" >
<pathelement path="classes"/>
<pathelement path="../lib/xerces.jar"/>


>> I have managed to create the JAR files, but I am having problems running them
>> and it is driving me crazy. When I use the build.xml file, it builds and
>> tests fine, but when I run the code, it tells me that the XMLEntityReader
>> class cannot be found. I have tried everything I can think of to get it to
>> work with no luck. I have the Xerces.jar file from the website in the antlib
>> directory, and I am using the batch files to run the code listed on Running
>> Jar Files thread. Do I have to see a CLASSPATH environment variable or
>> something else to get it to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

> Are you using jdk 1.4.* or have other SAX libraries on your classpath? There
> can be some class mixups because jdk 1.4 includes a SAX parser and you will be
> surprised how many other tools will put things like Xerces onto the classpath
> which can mix up Xerces versions.
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Re: A workaround for xerces.jar problem in Chp3
[Originally posted by iain.shigeoka]

Thanks Kan.

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Re: A workaround for xerces.jar problem in Chp3
[Originally posted by msreddy]

Thanks. This was a great help to me. In fact, I had to add this classpath
to the build.xml file in other chapters too - ch3 to ch8.