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Re: Usage of book
[Originally posted by iainshigeoka]


The book will show you how to write your own IM server and client in Java
using the Jabber protocols. It shows you what is involved in writing IM
software and provides Java source code that should get you started. If you're
writing an IM system in Java, I think it will provide a lot of insight into the
process of developing Java IM software.

However, the book does not cover the MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc protocols. So
you will need to obtain documentation on those protocols in order to
implement support for them. In addition, the book source code implements
the protocols at the "bare bones" level. Important features like administering
the server, storing accounts and messages to disk (manually or via JDBC),
a graphical user interface for the client, and error checking are all missing.
You'll need to add these features in order to have a fully working solution.

A good place to start would be to read the book and implement a Jabber
server/client in Java. When you have that working, go to the
website and download the transports for other IM systems like MSN, Yahoo,
etc. You can then port these C language transports to Java in order to use
them in your Jabber server to access other IM systems.

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[Originally posted by kaiserwaseem]

I am developing IM server and client in java and I want to communicate my IM
with msn,yahoo,etc.
Is there sufficeint knowledge in this book to develop my own server and client
as required.Plz reply soon.