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[Originally posted by roggerchen]

Dear Daniel:
English is not my native language, sorry.
I will use your code to access the VRML file by the vrml97.jar from sun, the
java file "" is the base 3D class, that is ok, but the file
"" in package ""
will throw the exception.

If I have one instance of class in my project, the vrml files can loader and
show successfully, but when I have several intance of your code, they will
throw some exception: Cannot modify capability bits on
a live or compiled object
at com.sun.j3d.utils.picking.PickTool.setCapabilities(

at com.sun.j3d.utils.picking.PickTool.setCapabilities(
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Re: Pick.setCapability() Throw exceptions
[Originally posted by dselman]


The error is:
"Cannot modify capability bits on a live or compiled object"

I'm guessing that you are somehow trying to make the *same* VRML instance
pickable twice, or perhaps making it pickable after you have already added it
to a live scenegraph.