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[Originally posted by dotmas]

Hi, Is it possible with C# to use OLE technology, like inplace-activation? If
yes, in which book/url can I find some good sample code?

Thanks in advance. Best Regards.
Massimo T.
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Re: C# and OLE technology
[Originally posted by fgrimes]

Hi Massimo,

You can interoperate with COM, but frankly I don't know much about OLE
in-place activation. (Anyone?) If I were to start digging, I'd begin with
the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace. It contains a bunch of classes
for accessing COM objects and native APIs.

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Re: C# and OLE technology
[Originally posted by dotmas]

Hi Fergal, thank you for your answer.

Ole In-place activation is the capability for an application to include/embed
another application, show it and edit it directly from the application it

For example: wordpad is able to include an object (for example an excel
spreadsheet) and edit it from the wordpad interface, without launch excel.
This is possible thanks to OLE technology.

I was able to produce application with this capabilities using C++ 6.0 and
MFC, and I still able to do that using C++ MFC .NET.

But I want leave MFC, and I can't do that if I don't find an alternative
solution. I hoped use C#, but I am not sure that it is so flexible.

I hope my explanation will be useful for you....any Idea abut C# and OLE

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Re: C# and OLE technology
Hi, Massimo.
I have sample problem. Some days I spent for find way to implement In-place into C#. I founded some articles, where people wrote that it no way fo do it smilie
I'll try to create COM wrapper object which gets a CLSID of another COM object, creates and puts it on its form area. I think that I can put the object like static to any .NET form and implementation of OLE In-place activation is into COM environment (between static COM object and embeded COM object).
I don't have enought time for check it, but I don't shure that this way will succeeded.

So, what do you think about my idea?

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Re: C# and OLE technology
if it goes with VBA, it should go with C# too.
Can you tell how to embed an excel-Spreadshhet in a VB or C++ window?