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[Originally posted by shyam_taduri]

Could any body give me reply for my query...
I am updating a record of jobseeker in my page.In page load i am getting all
fields data from database and assigning into corr control.In my form i have a
Mulitple select Listbox, i would like to display all selected values in my
listbox .

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Re: Multi List Box
[Originally posted by fgrimes]

Hi Shyam,

We really don't have enough information to know what you want. If you are
simply trying to enable multiple selection then check out the
ListBox.SelectionMode property of the System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListBox class.
Set it to ListSelectionMode.Multiple to enable multiple selection. (Although
I'm not sure how it will behave in different browsers.)

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Re: Multi List Box
[Originally posted by shyam_taduri]

Hi Fergal,
Thanks for your reply.
Actualy i made ListBox.SelectionMode property to Multiple...
My problem is....
i have a form of jobseeker details ( one control in my form is List box with
multiple select), i have filled all form details and in list box i selected 2
options and i am storing all this information into Database.
I am giving facility to user to update his record.When user click on update,it
have to display all his details that was stored in DB.
My problem is in List Box (where user seleted 2 options) is displaying only
one option selected(I made listbox selection mode to Multiple, even at design
time and in code also).
Could you plz send me solution for this...
If this is not clear plz let me know...