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[Originally posted by jodyb]

to reiterate, great book!

I am running the beta Visual Studio.Net 7.1.2215 and I am having issues with
the running of the IEPok Example in Chapter 2. When I look at the html source
code, VS.Net reports
1) The Object ID Could not be loaded in the designer (my guess is that is OK),
if I'm wrong, please advise.
2) 'rules' - Could not find any attribute 'rules' of element 'table' -- on the
first line where table is mentioned
3) 'input' -- per the active schema, the element 'input' cannot be nested
within 'td'

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank You.
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Re: Possible Version Issue???
[Originally posted by fgrimes]

Hi Jody,

There's really nothing to be gained by bringing this example into Visual
Studio .NET. Have you tried deploying it manually as described on pages
73-74? If so, does it work for you?

>> Possible Version Issue???

Unfortunately, I have no way to test this on a beta version. But you should
consider an upgrade as you may encounter further difficulties as you progress
through the book. As you may know, you can download the production version of
the .NET SDK at MSDN.

As for Visual Studio .NET... personally, I feel that it is too expensive.
Instead, I bought Microsoft Visual C# .NET Standard for $89.99 at

>> to reiterate, great book!

Thanks... I'm glad you're enjoying it.