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[Originally posted by zameerm]

Can't we access a shared assembly like a private assembly.
Just by giving "using publicassemblyname;" can't we access.
Right now I am using reflection API to load the assembly as shown below:
Assembly ObjAsm = Assembly.Load( "Utilities, Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=c34a7a1c2598dc8c ");
Type TypeAsm = ObjAsm.GetType("Utilities.Database");
MethodInfo callMethod = TypeAsm.GetMethod(strMethodName);
Object obj = Activator.CreateInstance(TypeAsm);
DataSet ds = (DataSet)callMethod.Invoke(obj, args);

If I try using like a private assembly it is not compiling.
I would be glad if someone can help me on this.
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Re: accessing a shared assembly
[Originally posted by fgrimes]


I'm not clear exactly what the difficulty is. In the example you give, you
are using reflection to reference the assembly at runtime, not compile-time.
Therefore the compilation error likely refers to something else. Please post
the error here and we'll take a look.