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[Originally posted by ivank]

When I run ComPok script, it prints list of cards I have and asks which cards
I would like to hold, but when I enter the string, I get the following VB
Script runtime error:

compok.vbs(18, 3) Microsoft VB Script runtime error:
Invalid procedure call or argument: 'machine.Draw'

The problematic operator is
set drawHand = machine.Draw(dealHand, holdCards)

Investigation showed that the problem occurs every time I try to pass a Hand
object as a parameter to a method.

In particular, I added an empty Test method to C# code of SimpleMachine class:
public void Test(Hand x) {};

The method fails just like Draw() does every time I give it a Hand object
other than Nothing.

What can be wrong?
If it matters, I use Windows NT 2000 Professional SP2 with Visual Studio 6.0
and Visual Studio .NET installed.

Thanks in advance
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Re: ComPok error - invalid procedure call or argument
[Originally posted by ivank]

I just found your discussion about the issue in March.
It looks like Microsoft screwed up things again.
I am going to make simple example out of it and send it to MS.
There is a remote chance they'll fix it some time.