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[Originally posted by muni]

My program stop running.When I step through, soon after "OpenFileDialog dlg =
new OpenFileDialog(); " is executed the application dies. Task manger shows
the ¡°helloform12¡± not responding. When stepping through the program I can
see the dialog object is created. I am running on windows 2000 Advanced server
and Visual Studio RTM 1.0. Here is the section of code.
private void OnLodClick(Object Sender, System.EventArgs e)
OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog();
dlg.Title = "Open Photo";
dlg. Filter =" jpg
files(*.jpg)|*.jpg| All files (*.*)|*.*" ;

if(dlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
pboxPhoto.Image = new Bitmap(dlg.OpenFile());

Is this some thing to do file permission? I have been using Visual studio for
developing console application for last three four months and did not have any
problem. And also ran som windows forms programs without any problem.
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Re: Visual Studio - Windows Forms
[Originally posted by fgrimes]

I pasted your code into a Windows Form with a button and a picture box and it
worked fine for me. Exactly at which line does it freeze? Perhaps the error
occurs in the code executed after the dialog has been disposed.


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Re: Visual Studio - Windows Forms
[Originally posted by muni]

The program freezes after executing the following line.
OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog();
When the mouse is placed over the form, busy hour glass is displayed and the
task manager shows application is not responding. Is it possible I missed some
thing on install or is it a file permission issue. I tried creating a simple
GUI app and that works ok.