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[Originally posted by tim henly]

Hi List,
Has anyone suffered from the following problem with the V1.59 DLLs running on
Windows 98SE?

1. Compile MidiSpy from V1.59 using .cpp files from V1.59 plus unchanged ones
from V1.58.
2. Connect MIDI out on external sequencer (Yamaha QX5) to MIDI in on PC.
3. Launch MidiSpy and set up input/output devices.
4. Get the external sequencer to send a bulk transfer.
5. MidiSpy receives this OK.
6. Set sequencer to Record (this causes it to send a few more messages).
7. Bang!!! Windows crashes with Blue Screen of Death...
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Re: Blue Screen of Death on Win98SE
[Originally posted by tim henly]

Well, a little more investigation and I've tracked the problem down to a fix
that Paul made in CMidiInDeviceMenu::SelectDevice for the V1.58 release.

What I THINK is happening is this:
1. The V1.58 fix changes MidiIn->Open() such that it always assumes that you
have a sync device despite the fact that _SYNC isn't defined.

2. As a consequence way down in the depths of the MxMidi16.dll,
MidiInCallback() tries to use a non-existant sync device (since SYNC_INPUT is
set true in the MidiIn->Open() call) when processing certain types of
timing-related MIDI messages.

3. When the sequencer is set to record it sends a MIDI_START message.

4. At this point it's game over.

So how come nobody else has seen this?