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[Originally posted by bsamuels]

I want to be able to do realtime event processing, nothing to complex: program
changes, bank changes, volume changes and maybe some note-mapping(different
note out than in) I don't even know how to change MIDI channels. I assume one
has to address the individual BYTES perhaps in the ProcessMidiIn function that
is in the toolkit, but how?
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Re: realtime event processing
[Originally posted by timothe]

You'll need to change the channel in the status byte of the incoming MIDI
message. Do a logical AND (newStat = midiEvent.status & 0xf0), to remove the
lower four bits. That's where the channel number for the command is stored.
Then logically OR the channel that you want (doneStat = newStat | newChannel),
and you can continue to do whatever you need (output, more transforms, etc.)

The example expressions are more for readability than functionality. You can
probably get away with unary operators.

Hope this helps,