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[Originally posted by ahnk88]

I'm about to build a sequencer application with several tracks.For each track
it should be possible to have an individual length.
(e.g. track1 is 5 bars long,track 27 bars, track 16 bars and so on..)
At the end of each track it should go to its beginning (be looped.) Each track
should have its own length and should loop until stop is pressed. Does anybody
know a solution for that or just have an idea?
I didn't find loops at all in the book. (hope it is so...)

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Re: sequencer-tracks looped
[Originally posted by timothe]

Have you made any progress on your looper?

I have been thinking about one for a while now, and am finally getting
started. I'm going to get one loop working before worrying about more, so I'm
choosing to ignore the 'multiple-tracks, multiple-lengths' issue right now.

What I'm going to try to do is adapt some existing code I have that "wakes up"
90% of the way through the loop to resend the loop data (and any new data) to
the output.

I'm trying this method because everything is buffered, and unless you make all
new buffers yourself, "real-time" response gets a little tricky -- you can't
change something once it's in a buffer.

Anyway, good luck. I'm basing my code on "Scrape" which you can see on my
site: in the Software section.

Drop me a line if I can steal any of your good ideas.