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We’re beginning the development of what’s going to be quite a large
distributed application. The client application is developed in PB7/8 and the
idea is to use EAServer/Jaguar as the transaction server. The question is
whether EAServer 4.1/Jaguar is going to cope with the load.
I know two companies in Brazil that are having to throw away the EAServer
solution after having spent millions of dollars because it hangs when the
number of concurrent users hitting the box exceeds 400 and even though they
are being supported by Sybase consultants coming from the US and other
different countries nobody could come up with a reasonable explanation.
If we are to go ahead with EAServer we need to make sure it’s not going to
crash when 2000 concurrent users hit the box requesting components. EAServer
is going to be installed on a dedicated box (probably a Unix box) that should
cope with the load. Our production environment, as any other, needs to be
stable and reliable and EAServer will be a crucial piece, therefore we have to
be absolutely certain that it is not going to let us down.
I’ve also read Mike Barlotta stating that he knows some examples where
EAServer is running under load and behaving well.
Can anybody provide some input that can help me to make a decision? Any good
or bad experiences are valid. Real examples would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Rafael Faria