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[Originally posted by sabino]

Would Mike Barlotta like to know if you will write or this writing some book
on PowerBuilder 8.0?
Would he/she like to also know his/her opinion on SYBASE EP (Enterprise

Thank you and excuse me for my bad English.

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Re: PowerBuilder 8.0
[Originally posted by mbarlotta]

There should be an article in the PBDJ explaining why there will not be
another version of this book for PB8 or Jaguar 4

1. Sybase application server market share has fallen so that there is not a
market large enough to warrant a new edition
2. Sybase will not support me or the publisher in writing a new edition (ie)
all the work falls on my shoulders and the tech support Sybase employees are
willing to provide(and they do a good job of this - Thanks).

Thanks for the support of all you readers out there - it has been appreciated!