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[Originally posted by hlcheng]

mike i got a problem here. Can you help me ? T.Q

my problem is i cannot pass a resultset from ASP page to jaguar component(PB
NVO), the following are my codes.

dim rs ,ll,ls
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

' response.write request("name")
' response.write request("email")

' Append Column
set rs.ActiveConnection = nothing
rs.CursorLocation = 1

rs.fields.append "Name", 200, 40, 108
rs.fields.append "Mail", 200, 100, 108

rs.fields("Name").value = request("Name")
rs.fields("Mail").value = request("email")

theURL = "iiop://localhost:9000"
Set aORB = Server.CreateObject("Jaguar.ORB")

Set aManager = aORB.string_to_object( theURL
Set aSession = aManager.createSession( "jagadmin", ""
Set aFactory = aSession.lookup( "html/n_jagresultset" )
Set pb7 = aFactory.Create().Narrow_("html/n_jagresultset")

/* error occur happend here */

response.write request("email")
response.write request("name")

End If

Is ASP integreted well with Jaguar server ? T.Q
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Re: ASP arguments
[Originally posted by mbarlotta]

Sorry for the delayed response...
I am not an ASP guru but have been on several projects that use ASP to access
Jaguar and PB components. These projects have proven successful though I
usually recommend JSP over ASP.