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[Originally posted by razaali]

I am using Jaguar CTS 3.6.1 with jdk1.2. I am using third party database
drivers for db communication. I am having a problem displaying chineese data
in the browser. It just shows me ? mark instead of the chineese language
characters. My db server and the application server both are on the Chineese
Windows NT machines.
The said problem is not there if I use jdk1.8 in the Jaguar Server.

Now the problem is that the db drivers I am using need at least jdk1.2 or
higher. And with jdk1.2 chineese data is not being shown by Jaguar.

Does anyone has experienced this sort of problem or have worked with the
chineese language support using jdk1.2?

Just for information the Jaguat Server charset is BIG5.

Any help or tip in this regard will be higly appreciated.

Raza Ali