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Gerard Gallant (8) [Avatar] Offline
We’re very pleased to announce the release of chapter 7!

Chapter 7 teaches you about dynamic linking where two or more WebAssembly modules are joined together at runtime.

Also, based on your feedback and the feedback of an internal review, a number of improvements have been made to the book overall. Some of the bigger changes are:

• Appendix A, which teaches about a module’s Known sections, has been inserted as a new chapter 2

  > Chapter numbers for chapters 2 though 5 have been bumped up and appendixes B through D bumped down as a result.

• The version of Emscripten used for this book is now at 1.38.25

  > Starting with Emscripten 1.38.21, when generating a side module the variable names in the generated module were changed from memoryBase and tableBase to __memory_base and __table_base respectively. The book’s text and code have been adjusted accordingly.

  > Instructions for updating your version of Emscripten to the latest version can be found in Appendix A

  > There was a type-o in section A.1.2 (updating the Media Type on a Mac or Linux) where wasm wasn’t included to the right of application/wasm. It should be: application/wasm    wasm

• Chapter 1 has a new section (1.2.2) that discusses asm.js

• Chapter 4 was using Emscripten’s Pointer_stringify JavaScript method. Based on a github ticket (, Emscripten will be deprecating that method in favor of UTF8ToString. The text and code have been adjusted to use UTF8ToString instead.