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437886 (3) [Avatar] Offline
First of all congratulations on the book, i really liked the first chapters and looking forward for more. I saw on other posts that the book will cover neo4j. I have a use case where i have to build graphs from social network data but on data streams. So i was wondering is neo4j a good candidate for such a case? or should i look into something like spark graphframes? do you have any recommendations? will this book cover neo4j in depth? or it assumes familiarity with it? Also when will more chapters be available?
Alessandro Negro (11) [Avatar] Offline
I'm glad you liked the book so far. Regarding your question on social network on streams and neo4j, I would reply in a very polite way: it depends.
It depends on the type of analysis you would like to do, the size and the structure of your data. Anyway spark graphframes is not a database is more a processing framework, so even though you can persist it somehow it cannot be considered as a proper database. The book will show a lot of graph design models and graph algorithms using neo4j (almost all the time). It doesn't require any previous knowledge upfront, everything will be described in details. Moreover, the examples are presented in order of increasing complexity.

In the forth chapter (that is almost ready) you'll see some examples.