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Ted S. (9) [Avatar] Offline
I get the following error when I try the infix calculator in a REPL:
IllegalArgumentException No matching clause: ÷  user/operator

The code example works when I modify the operator function as follows:
(defn operator [op]
  (case op
    ("+" "plus") +
;   ("-" "minus")
    ("-" "minus") -
    ("*" "x" "·" "times") *
    ("/" "÷") /

p.s. Renzo, thanks for all your hard work writing this book. Creating a comprehensive reference of the standard library is a great idea and I look forward to continuing to read it cover to cover.
reborg (16) [Avatar] Offline
Good catch Ted! I've fixed it and also rewrote a few sentences around in the chapter that on a second look after some time don't seem be very readable.

Ted S. (9) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Renzo,

It looks like the fix didn't make it into V20; perhaps it's slated for V21.