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In chapter 3, before JPA section starts, I have tried the samples with spring JDBC. The tables I created are
1. Ingredient
3. Taco_Ingredients
4. Taco_Order
5. Taco_Order_Tacos, with h2 database.

All tables are updating except 'Taco_Order_Tacos' table. The code in "" has the following snippet in its "save" method.

List<Taco> tacos = order.getTacos();"Lengh of Tacos = {0}", tacos.size());
for (Taco taco : tacos) {
saveTacoToOrder(taco, orderId);

I hope it is not getting any Tacos from order.getTacos(). I make sure that Tacos gets added into Order's tacos list via order.addDesign(saved); where 'saved' is the taco designed from user.

After order is done, If I query as "select * from Taco_Order_Tacos", I am getting empty table.
Could some one pl provide the solution for this.


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working on this.