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ForumJason (8) [Avatar] Offline
I've tried all of the instructions in Chapter 2 from the command-line, and I could not get it to work (a parse error with So I deleted everything in AWS and ran the script from the Chapter 2 repo. Everything succeeded, but I get 404 errors when I try to access the __version__ endpoint (or any other endpoint in the application).

I did notice that the main invoicer repo has "AWSEBDockerrunVersion" in the app-version.json file set to "2" instead of "1", so I may try that.

I also noticed that the latest Amazon Linux/Docker image retrieved by the script is one with Glassfish 5.0 and Java. I am able to curl (and visit) the main URL and get a "next steps with Glassfish page".

Assuming the issue is not the app-version.json discrepancy, I wonder if I should hard-code the Amazon Link/Docker image to use?
Julien Vehent (14) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the report! This is likely caused by the Glassfish container being listed first in the AWS response. I've updated the script to pick the right Docker version.
ForumJason (8) [Avatar] Offline
That was fast! Thank you so much, that fixed it!