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A.6 Clone with assign()
Would it be beneficial to explain that Object.assign() only does a shallow copy?

const myObject = { name: 'Mary', lastName: 'Smith', birth: { date: '18 Jan 2019' }}
const clone = Object.assign({}, myObject)

console.log(  // => 18 Jan 2019 = '20 Jan 2019'
console.log(  // => 20 Jan 2019

A.8 Destructuring arrays
Would it be helpful to point out that the rest operator can only be used at the end?

let customers = ["Smith", "Clinton", "Lou", "Gonzales"];

let [firstCust, ...otherCust, lastCust] = customers;
// OR: let [...otherCust, lastCust] = customers;

// [ts] A rest element must be last in a destructuring pattern. [2462]

A.14 Chaining promises
Should it be explained that if the catch() callback does not return a rejected Promise or throw an error, then the resulting Promise is fulfilled (and if you don't return a value, it's fulfilled with a value of undefined)?

var result = Promise.reject('FAIL').then((value) => console.log(value)).catch((err) => console.error(err))
// Console: FAIL

result.then((value) => console.log('pass', value)).catch((err) => console.error('fail', err))
// Console: pass undefined

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Thank you for this great input!