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[Originally posted by razaali]

I have installed the EA Server 3.6.1 evaluation version on my machine,
(previously I was using Jaguar 3.0). When I try to deploy components on Jaguar
server from PB 7.0(from local machine). PB just shuts down.
If I deploy components on Jaguar server residing on some physically different
machine then there is no problem.
Similarly if the components are deployed from some other machine to my Jaguar
server then there is no problem at all.
So the problem is in the case of using Jaguar and PB on the same for deployment.

Can anyone please help, how to work out this problem.
Any suggestions in this regards will be highly helpful.

Raza Ali
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Re: Regarding EAServer 3.6.1 eval
[Originally posted by mbarlotta]

Have you upgraded PB to the appropriate builds associated with 3.6.1?

I have not tried installing the eval - I know that you need 3.5 installed
first to install 3.6 and 3.6.1.