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I’ve just bough the book and I found that listings 1.3 and 1.5 and 1.7 are badly indented on the Apple Books app for the iPad.

I suppose the problem is more general and it makes a python book almost useless.

The mobi version on the Kindle app for the iPad has nonsense blank lines in the middle of the listings and cannot be read as a continuous page.

The only way to sanely read the listings is on the pdf but the letter is too small.

A pity.

I hope this will get fixed on the next MEAP version.

Juan Manuel

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Hi Juan,

These are likely caused by the production process that is used to convert my text into the PDF/mobi/epub files by Manning for the MEAP. I will make sure these are addressed by Manning in the final version that should be coming out in the next month. In the meantime I would strongly suggest having the source code from my canonical GitHub repository open alongside the text as you read:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi, Dave. I’m glad to hear you’re on this. I was coming here to report the same thing. Formatting issues aside, I’m really enjoying the book. I’ve already used the A* search class to solve a programming problem.
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Thanks for the feedback, Steve. I'm actually in the process of insisting with the publisher that we go over the electronic versions for code formatting issues. Hopefully our efforts will not be in vain and this will be fixed soon. Glad A* has been helpful!