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I have been working through the book, and I have gotten everything to work fine up until the point of using UglifyJS to combine the application files. Once I do that, none of the data is rendered onto the page anymore. I have compared my code with the online code and everything is basically the same and working properly when I have all of the script files in the 'layout.jade' but when i comment them out and switch over to the 'loc8r.min.js' the page goes back to only displaying the header. I get no errors when it runs uglify and fs and morgan resonds with a 200 code for retrieving 'loc8r.min.js', it just no longer works.

I tried delving into google somewhat, but this is an oddly specific problem to try and work through, so rather than diving into endless docs, I thought I would see if anyone else had this issue or knows what could be the problem. Thanks.