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[Originally posted by alteh]

Are there any Unix/C++ Jaguar/EAServer users out there?
It seems most are PB and Java/EJB developers.

I'd like to touch base with those who have experience
working with Unix/C++ legacy integration using EAServer.
I'm using Solaris 2.6.

The books are all biased towards PB and Java/EJB.
The Sybase Jaguar online docs C++ example for the
Service Component doesn't compile (cut & pasted from
Java example - there's no boolean in C++), and when
I got it to compile, it didn't work (because EAServer
doesn't like the static variable _stop). Now I can't
get multiple instances up and running.

I looked at some Internet Usenet newsgroups and there's
hardly anything going on?

It's rather frustrating and disappointing.
There's too much hype and not enough proof.
Aboveall, there's lots of money at stake here.
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Re: Unix/C++ support
[Originally posted by alteh]

OK - I got multiple instances of Service Components
up and running on Unix/C++.

Earlier I had an exception INVALID_TRANSACTION when
EAServer tried to invoke run() in later threads.

Selecting Automatic Demarcation/Deactivation did
the trick.
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Re: Unix/C++ support
[Originally posted by mbarlotta]


I know of no major projects on EAServer/Jaguar using C++, but that does not
mean there are not any out there. I think that this reflects the fact that
most business development is done in Java or VB/PB.