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I'm a EAServer newbie and am writing a messaging gateway,
so clients are not GUIs, they send in messages
over some 3rd party middleware (e.g. Tibco, MQ Series, Encina RQS).

My design idea is to use many dedicated Service Component
instances, one for each individual client "messaging channel"
so that I can pass on the messages to the corresponding
destination component.

The other approach is to use one Service Component for all
incoming messages from everybody? Then use individual
threads to run another "servicey type" component to
read messages in a loop from individual queues.

To implement the first idea, it appears I need to get
each Service Component instance to load up specific configuration
details, say, for Fred, and another for Bob.
How do I do that and be able to control it?

It seems the Service Component is uniform and you can specify
a number of instances using the Properties (e.g. MyService[5])
which EAServer manages dynamically as in a object pool(?)
But then I can't customise each Service Component instance.

I need to be able to get hundreds of such messaging
users up and running when Jaguar starts, and also be
able to dynamically add/modify/remove users at runtime...etc.
and all the usual admin tasks.

What's the best approach/design?
Any recommendations appreciated.


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Re: Designing Service Components
[Originally posted by alteh]

Nevermind, I've found a solution.