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"In this chapter, I’m going to use a small set
of custom-built functions to create drawings, built on top of another Python library called
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I'd like to know also!
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The code starts to appear up at 2.5
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Not all the code of Just a small part unfortunately
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+1. Can you please post the code you are using for function like draw_axes, etc. I could go off and create my own, but since you've already got it written, please share.

This will be even more important in chapter 3, where the drawing gets more complicated.
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I would like the code also. Can you please provide a link?
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Agreed, I would like a link to the code. I did some learning on my own in Jupyter Notebook + matplotlib. It would be nice in this book to have a matplotlib basic tutorial, or links to the basic tutorials and functions used.
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The source code is finally added
Thank you!