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The SolutionStackName for the EBWorkerConfigurationTemplate and EBServerConfigurationTemplate resources both reference the same Elastic Beanstalk stack, which is apparently no longer available. Consequently, the stack fails and ends in the ROLLBACK state.

As of 2018-12-16, here is the list of available Node.js solution stacks:

$ aws elasticbeanstalk list-available-solution-stacks --query "SolutionStacks[?contains(@, 'Node.js')]"
    "64bit Amazon Linux 2018.03 v4.7.0 running Node.js",
    "64bit Amazon Linux 2015.09 v2.0.8 running Node.js",
    "64bit Amazon Linux 2015.03 v1.4.6 running Node.js",
    "64bit Amazon Linux 2014.03 v1.1.0 running Node.js",
    "32bit Amazon Linux 2014.03 v1.1.0 running Node.js"

I updated my local copy of template.yaml (cloned from the repository) to reference the stack 64bit Amazon Linux 2018.03 v4.7.0 running Node.js in place of the old stack names for both resources, and used it to created a CF stack using the Management Console.

With my updated CF template, the stack creation succeeds.
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thanks for reporting this. I can confirm the issue.

This is the forum for the first edition and is no longer maintained. I fixed the issue for the second edition: https://github.com/AWSinAction/code2/tree/master/chapter16