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Firstly, if Wendy Wise is reading this, I'm loving your book.

My question is as follows: in section 21.2, when we change the TableView Content attribute to Static Cells, it creates three static cells, which we group together. Three cells is conveniently the number we need for the LioN name, description and like/dislike.

Is the number of static cells (three) just coincidentally the number we need, or did some magic happen that I can't work out that made it so three cells were created? Because as far as I can see, we've not made any link yet between the new Control Viewer and the Main one where the LioN object is defined, so I don't see how it knows the number of cells we need for this object yet, and its just pure luck that it creates the amount of cells we require. Or did I miss something? What would we need to do further if we only needed two cells for our object? Or 4 or 5?