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chapter 5, ¶310: Building Ethereum ?Apps

Error executing the code, what I see in Remix, is that it does not allow pragma solidity ^ 0.4.16; I must place pragma solidity ^ 0.5.0; I make the change and it works but the DeleteExample contract gives the following error:

browser / DeleteExample.sol: 3: 5: SyntaxError: No visibility specified. Did you intend to add "public"?
     function deleteExample () returns (int32 [5]) {
     ^ (Relevant source part starts here and spans across multiple lines).
I need to determine if the error is by using the version ^ 0.5.0 or if it is for another reason and in the previous examples I have had errors I also put them in another point.
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Hello, many thanks for the interest in the book and for your feedback.

In the latest version of the manuscript I am recommending the reader to pick version 0.4.24 of the compiler, which is the one I have been using while writing the book code examples. I have also fixed various small bugs. You should see these fixes in the next MEAP release.

Many thanks again!