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Hi Renzo,

The book is great - it fills a hole in the Clojure documentation. I'm still learning Clojure, so having a good reference to the std library is extremely helpful.

One thing I've noticed: most hyperlinks don't work (I've tried different readers, not just Acrobat). Some seem to have local file paths which presumably point to locations on your machine e.g. the table on the first page of Section 5 (Operations on Numbers).

Working hyperlinks to either the Clojure online documentation or to relevant locations in the PDF text of your book would be great.

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Hi thanks for posting about the problem. Yes, it's weird and I'll raise the issue with Manning. The hyperlinks are a mix of something local to my machine and something from another machine as well, but I'm not sure why it's happening and what should happen instead, as I'm not generating the PDF. Locally I'm only using relative links to point to other sections.

I think it should all be fixed by the time the book is finalized early next year.