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After buying this book, I discovered that most Idris-related development is now concentrated on developing Idris 2/Blodwen. Does anybody know how much the new version of the language might diverge from what is presented in this book?

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Hi Richard,
There won't be much different, the new implementation effort is mostly about making a better version of the same thing taking advantage of type-driven development to get more of the internals right. There'll be a couple of small differences, but nothing that affects what's being explained in the book. There's no change in syntax, and the small changes in semantics are (I believe) for the better. In any case I will probably add a compatibility mode for the small number of things which do turn out different, and I'll certainly be checking against the book's examples and publishing versions of the code for the new version.

The book aims to explain concepts above all, so everything there will be transferrable to a new version of Idris, and I hope as well as related languages like Agda, Haskell, Scala, etc!


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Thanks for the reassurance, Edwin.

I liked your presentation of Type-Driven Development of Idris 2, by the way. Oh, and the BBC Micro T-shirt too!