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We have read about all these cool new things announced at reInvent. Will they be in this book too? Will I learn how to run C++ or Java 11 lambdas or how to benefit from DynamoDB on-demand etc?
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Hi There - we are certainly going to refresh the chapters to reflect recent releases, including Websocket support ,layers, runtime APIs and more. Are there specific chapters you would like to see updated, or specific topics you would like covered?

Thank you for your feedback!
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Hi! That sounds great! I am particularly interested in layers and Runtime API and the possibilities they provide; is it possible to run Java 9+ style modular JVM applications with thin JREs or how to run Kotlin Native executables (or C++/C# executables) and are those use cases reasonable if even possible and what possible benefits would they offer in comparison to old-style Java 8 lambdas an such - startup time, execution time, memory consumption and such.
Plus tooling of course: How to build and deploy layered or custom runtime lambdas with Maven and Gradle and aws-cli etc?