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while implementing the changes suggested in listing 10.6 and subsequently trying them in my local installation of Elixir 1.7.3 I noticed a deprecation warning:

warning: calling super for GenServer callback handle_info/2 is deprecated

It is announced in the changelog for the version https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/v1.7.3/CHANGELOG.md#4-hard-deprecations but I can't find what would be the recommended way of removing this warning.

I believe in a previous chapter it's said that overriding `handle_info/2` with any matches requires you to include a manual catch all implementation, is it not the case anymore?

sjuric (107) [Avatar] Offline

Yes, the super has been deprecated, and in most cases you don't really need to have a catch-all handle_info. The final version of the book will be amended accordingly.