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Hi y'all,

All the examples have been updated to the latest release of Apache Spark, v2.4.0, which has been announced earlier this month.

You will find the source code examples there:

Chapter 1 - So, what is Spark, anyway?

Chapter 2 - Architecture and flows

Chapter 3 - The majestic role of the dataframe

Chapter 4 - Fundamentally lazy

Chapter 5 - Building a simple app for deployment

Chapter 6 - Deploying your simple app
Note: chapter 6 uses chapter 5's code and repository.

Chapter 7 - Ingestion from files

Chapter 8 - Ingestion from databases

Chapter 9 - Advanced ingestion: finding data sources & building your own

Note that the version of Scala used "behind the scene" is v2.11 as Spark v2.4.0's early support for Scala v2.12 is still early.