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Please post errors found in the published version of Functional Programming in C++ here. If necessary, we'll compile a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you for participating in the collection process. Your contributions are a great help to us and other readers.

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Small spelling error first page of chapter 2 posses should be possess.
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Section 2.2.1, has the sentence "On the other hand, we will see that the ability to replace addition and multiplication with something more interesting is." Rewording suggestion, "On the other hand, later we will show the ability to replace addition and multiplication with something more interesting"
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Section 2.1 has the sentence "Since filtering allows us to pass a predicate function to it it is, by definition, a higher-order function.
Reworking suggestion: "Since filtering allows us to pass in a predicate function, it is, be definition, a higher-order function"
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Section 2.2.2 has the word power-tool. I don't think that word should be hyphenated.
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Chapter 3 has the line "... we will call the later function objects ..."
Should be "... we will call the latter function objects..."
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Section 3.2.2 has sentence "if you want to change the value of the captured variables, when they are captured by-value andn't"
andn't should be and not.
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By the way, I am using the kindle edition. Perhaps the ones I am reporting are related to the kindle edition. Another one is in section 4.1.2 "We cann't just define ..." should be "We can't just define..."
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Section 2.2.3. String trimming section contains dead link:

For more information about copying and moving, see
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I think the Kindle version is still the old MEAP. As long as you have sentences with "we'', they are MEAP - the copyeditor changed everything to "You" and "I" smilie


This has also been fixed in the final release.