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Hi all,

We're very excited to see chapter 4 in the wild. Richie and I both reckon it's our favourite chapter so far. Seeing the application picking frustrated tweets is a lot of fun smilie

We've had some great reviews come in already. My favourite is a tweet from @andrejusb who writes: "I have read Chapter 4 about NLP and Twitter sentiment analysis. Awesome content - it will be useful for us. Keep up the good work @hudgeon"

It's my favourite because Andrejus reckons the content will be useful for him - which, after all, is the point smilie We hope that you too will find the content useful in your work.

We're now busy working on chapter 5 but not too busy to respond to any questions or recommendations you have.

Thanks for reading.
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Looking forward to reading this book (finally managed to get a copy) and provide any feedback. Thanks