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Thanks for writing this book. I purchased and read the first 5 chapters.
The book is interesting.
Is it known when the next chapters will be out?
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Thanks for the interest, glad you're looking forward to the rest.

It's hard for me to predict, being a first time author, but I'll let you know a little more about the progress we've made.

We've internally reviewed Chapters 6-9 and sent them out to a group of readers at the end of October. Likely my Chapter 9 on the Shadow DOM is too long and will be split into two chapters, so that's really 6-10.

I expect to get a massive amount of feedback from this on Monday, at which point we'll get cracking on editing. I want to guess it'll be a little bit of a delay (maybe a few weeks as a stab in the dark) before you start seeing more chapters trickling in.

Meanwhile, I'm planning the remaining chapters in the book: 11 will likely be on Events and a bit of application design patterns and state management. 12 will be on build processes and testing. 13 will be likely the last chapter and wrap things up as well as highlighting some weird and advanced use cases like 3D and VR.

All in all, I think the book is feeling on schedule and I'm feeling great about it, especially with Firefox releasing Web Components a couple weeks ago.

Again, thanks for reading, and glad you're looking forward to more!
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Thanks for the swift reply. I am looking forward to getting chapters 6-10.