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Just imagine the garçon taking your order in this fancy Parisian brasserie: "One new title, one!" and he comes back with this very nice, updated title: Spark in Action, Second Edition.

I hope you'll like it. Feel free to leave your comments below!
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I purchased this book because the title was "Spark with Java". Now it comes with new title. I hope this book will still focus on Java as the main language .
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First, thanks for buying the book! I hope you like it (if you do tell your friends to buy it too, if you don't tell your enemies to buy it - and also tell me why you don't).

Second, about not having Java as the main language: over my dead body, man! Over my dead body! Java is here to stay, all the examples in the book are working with Java and all the examples I am still writing are in Java too. Some people have volunteered to write the examples in other languages (Python, R, and Scala) and this is great. But Java rules...

Thanks for sharing your concerns!