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For some reason after run the command in the book, the Hadoop job is failed, I checked job log and it just says launch app failed and throw out lots of exception and keep retry many times.

I couldn't figure out where is the issue, originally I thought is my laptop issue, after tried few laptops and I can sure the example in the book has some issue.

This makes me frustrated, I start skipping the examples you provide just read it and get some ideas.

 deploy/samza/bin/run-app.sh \ --config-factory=org.apache.samza.config.factories.PropertiesConfigFactory \ --config-path=file://$PWD/deploy/samza/config/nile-carts.properties
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Hi and sorry for the delay answering your question.

The issue might stem from the fact that you've been using an old version of the code. It's been fully revised early November, i.e. around the time you tried.
Could you try once again from this repository instead: https://github.com/consulthys/Unified-Log-Processing/tree/master/ch05/nile-carts

I've tried again on my side and all ran fine without any exceptions